Bone Broth - this is a fundamental food.  Nutrient dense and nearly free.  I include this in everything I can.

Chocolate Squash Pudding - no gluten, dairy or eggs, this is easy to make and a nice alternative use for winter squash.  I've brought this to potlucks with good reviews.

Cilantro Lime Rice - Cilantro is a regular component of our CSA offerings.  Here's an easy recipe to help you use it.

Fire Cider - this is the people's medicine!  Buy mine or make your own.

Green Veggie Powder -  a great way to use extra greens that come with your CSA share.

Hasenpfeffer - easy, tasty, and oh so bunny!

Martha Stewart's Rabbit Stock

Moroccan Sweet and Sour Carrots - a recipe similar to this was my favorite salad at the Moroccan restaurant I used to go to on special occasions when I lived in Colorado.

Slow Roasted Rabbit in the Sun Oven

Smoky Crockpot Rabbit

Spicy Fried Rabbit

Swiss Chard Dolmas - this is my absolute favorite way to eat Swiss Chard

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