Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chickens and Rabbits

If you have put a deposit on a meat chicken or reserved a rabbit, they're ready!  I'm about halfway through processing the chickens, and the same goes for the rabbits.  

I've had some interest in another batch of chickens, and will be able to do that this spring.  Rabbits are available all year, so please contact me if you'd like to be added to the wait list.  As it is right now, all rabbits are spoken for until about the middle of November.  I am adding 2 does to my herd to better supply your rabbit meat requests.  

Chickens and rabbits are dressed and packaged in BPA-free shrink style freezer bags.  I love these bags, they do a great job of preventing freezer burn and preserving the quality of the meat.  

If you'd like to reserve some rabbits or be contacted about chickens in the spring, please email me,, or talk to me at the farmers market.  I'll be there Thursdays and Saturdays through the beginning of November.  

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